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CUCM Python scripting

Today I’d like to share with you simple python script which can be used to automate and speed-up some time consuming activities in CUCM.

Goal of the script is to establish SSH connection to multiple CUCMs (using threads), issue required commands, wait for the output and save it to separate files on your PC.

In bellow examples we will check CUCM status and database replication, but you can play with it and implement whatever logic you want. This can be also used against IOS devices.

So here is the script:

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To runtimestate or not to runtimestate?

We all know that CUCM database replication issues are serious. We are checking database every time there is an upgrade, server cores, new machine is added, etc., just to ensure that our customer will have properly functioning environment.

We all know CLI commands like utils dbreplication status or utils dbreplication runtimestate, but what these commands really do and what is the logic of using them?

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